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Private Event Chef & 

Gastronomic Consultant

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Lui is originally from the Venezuelan jungle where before starting his gastronomic adventure in Denmark in 2002 he worked as an ecotourism guide and a professional paraglider.


Lui completed professional chef training in Denmark and continued to specialise in edible insects and molecular gastronomy fusing new Nordic concepts with Indigenous South American culture.


He has shared his skills, creativity and immense amounts of energy with people and projects branching from Michelin restaurants to hygge food trucks. Through these endeavours Lui has gained extensive insight into the Scandinavian restaurant market and is endlessly passionate  to challenge and offer the European market new gastronomic experiences of the highest quality.


Together, we aspire to create a sustainable future. I stand ready to embark on a culinary transformation alongside you.

My core foundation is rooted in the belief that cultural exchange serves as a powerful catalyst for positive progress.


By sharing knowledge, traditions, and the richness of diverse cultures, we can enhance our collective approach to and appreciation of food.

Exploration and innovation in projects that deepen our understanding of food culture is part of my DNA.

To support this vision I offer a range of professional and customisable services.

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