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This course will set you up to start your gut/immune healing journey providing you with the skills to create your own macrobiotic superfoods on a budget. 


  • Food fermentation

  • Pickling techniques

  • Science behind what is happening in the dish & in your gut!

  • Minimise waste

  • Kombucha





This course will teach you some basics around preparation of edible insects as well as cover some authentic Amazonian recipes! It means so much to us to be able to keep this culture and knowledge alive and to share it with you. This workshop comes straight from the heart - you will feel the passion and taste it in the food!


  • Preparation & recipes using edible insects

  • Amazonian soup

  • Fried Plantain, Casava

  • Guarana and fruit smoothies




Learn how to make Venezuela’s favourite staples!!! It may look simple but it takes skill to get it right! The excitement in sharing this cultural favourite makes for an extremely fun and energetic time!


  • The perfect Arepa

  • Empanadas (Mais)

  • Tostones (Fried Plantain)





This course will increase your confidence around a base set of skills in the kitchen and prepare you to start your healthier life! It will guide you in how less can be more and how to plan the basics with consideration to healthy, seasonal and local food concepts. This is always tailored to suit your local context ensuring your foundations set you on a sustainable path.


  • Knife skills

  • Food preparation

  • The right temperatures for the right techniques

  • Making the most of each ingredient

  • Minimise waste

  • Learn the basic concepts of flavour combinations


An extended version of this workshop can also teach you how to prepare your own base set of ingredients including stocks, vinaigrettes, sauces and spice mixes.



JUNGLA workshops facilitate a dynamic space in which essential skills and culture are shared. Right now our focus is gastronomic but our vision is to establish a diverse team of experts and researchers creating an environment for cross-fertilisation of interdisciplinary ideas, creativity, culture and customs. We see this naturally extending to building/constructing/permaculture, design, and social/soul/empowerment workshops and would love to hear from you if you share our vision and wish to join us in creating this co-learning space.


  • All workshops will focus strongly on teamwork and encourage participants to work together sharing knowledge during the workshop. 

  • We tailor each workshop to suit your specific interests, needs and timeframe. 

  • Workshops can be held in a variety of locations and can be selected to best suit your needs

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