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: A powerful energetic flow revolving a central axis


"Our purpose is to connect people around a central axis of creativity and cultural exchange projects with a philanthropic, sustainable heart"

Vortex is the channel which gathers us - creating a pool of resources from which to co-create.

The Vortex project is based on some simple principles:

  • Cultural exchange is one of the most easily accessible and powerful catalysts for positive development. We want to share knowledge, traditions and culture between communities creating enriched pathways to how we approach challenges in our broader communities.

  • YOU have a unique set of skills that is often not truly valued by existing 'work' cultures. We wish to provide a platform to harness this unused potential, increasing self worth through meaningful outcomes and inclusive networks.

  • The most valuable resource in co-creation is time - if you have this to give the vortex is strengthened.

  • We believe that by gathering a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary network we can achieve these goals through meaningful, quality projects and have a lot of fun in the process. 

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