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We are currently in a start-up phase of Vortex and have initiated 'sketch designs' of projects we are pursuing.


We want to develop these with you and your skills - please get in touch if you feel you have something to contribute or have another project you wish to create within the Vortex.


Projects in progress:

Vortex Headquarters 

  • We have invested in land in the Venezuelan Gran Sabana and have started building. Despite severe restrictions in material availability we are committed to building a center for canalized, positive development within the community and will draw upon vernacular building techniques and permaculture principles in order to make this possible. 

Amazonian Documentary

  • This focuses on the relationship between place, culture and food particularly within the Venezuelan Gran Sabana and the local Pemon communities. It will tell a story of the local Indigenous foods, rituals and spirituality and how this can influence our 'modern' approach to food outside this context.​​


  • Basic health & waste management projects in Indigenous communities within the Venezuelan Amazon. 

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