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 Jungla's essence is formed in a vision of cultural exchange as a catalyst for positive development. We want to share knowledge, traditions and culture between communities creating enriched pathways for how we approach food -                       technologically, scientifically, and spiritually. 

Our focus is a fresh concept of "New Nordic" - "Latin/Amazonian" fusion where nutrition, passion, experimentation, and sustainability come together to offer an incredible food experience.

We introduce and integrate a mix of raw, fermented and slow foods from two food cultures that together nourish your body and soul through our complete gastronomic experience. We work with edible insects, cassava roots, banana plantain, juices, acai seed powder, beets, nordic wild herbs, local honey, local mushrooms and much more. We honour each ingredient by selecting a preparation technique that extracts maximum nutrition and flavour followed through with precise pairing combinations. 


We are not about following a wave but have a genuine offer of healthy food rooted in ancient knowledge, delivered in a unique Nordic inspired tasting experience that will bring all your senses to life.

Experimenting  with and developing projects that expand our knowledge in food culture is part of our DNA. We believe it is essential to give space for creativity outside our traditional food service and you can often find us working with:

- Outdoor cooking and tours

- Workshops

- Events & festivals

- Product development

- Documentaries - audiovisuals, photography, knowledge sharing



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